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Dress Buying Guide


Immediate delivery

We specialise in "off the peg" flower girl dresses. These are not made to measure but are ready to buy and have delivered immediately. This saves you from having to take bored children who may be scattered around the country (or world even) to dress fittings and not really knowing what the dress is going to look like until it is too late to do anything about it. And of course means that you don't have to plan flower girl dresses for growing children months before the wedding.


Our dresses are generally available all year round but certain sizes and styles do sell out from time to time. To be reasonably sure of getting the styles you want, we suggest that you order them no later than three months before your wedding although if you can be flexible on styles you can buy them right up until the day before.


The main colours for flower girl dresses are ivory or white. This is because there is a tendency to put the older bridesmaids in coloured dresses but for the flower girls to match the bride possibly with a sash in a colour to match the older bridesmaids' dresses. We do have some coloured dresses too. It is very important to ascertain the colour of the brides' dress before looking for flower girl dresses. If the bride has a white dress then the flower girl dresses should not be ivory and vice versa.

Some people think that white and ivory are interchangeable but this is not the case. Ivory, however pale, has a distinct creaminess to it. Diamond white is also not white but a very pale shade of ivory; from our experience, a pale ivory flower girl dress matches a diamond white dress better than a white one but this will depend on the exact shade of the dress.

Most shades of ivory will blend well together even if they are not the same. A handful of brides do want an exact match however and if you are one of them you are better off ordering just one dress so you can check the colour


Flower girl dresses come in five main fabrics:

  1. Satin - this can be either matt or have a sheen. Where our dresses are shiny this will be mentioned in the dress description; otherwise the fabric will be matt.
  2. Tulle - this is a netted fabric can either be soft and flowy or stiffened. Some children don't like the feel of tulle or they find it so fascinating that they keep scrunching it up. It can also be a little sensitive and will tear if it is caught on a sharp object. In our opinion it is a fabric suited to older children of 3 years plus although we do sell an awful lot of tulle dresses for younger children.
  3. Organza - this is usually by way of a semi transparent overlay. This is a robust fabric and suitable for babies and small children.
  4. Silk - we don't sell many silk dresses because they are harder to clean but those we do have tend to be raw silk and have nobbly bits in them.
  5. Taffeta - this is a crunchy sort of fabric with a soft sheen to it.


Please do not attempt to order without measuring the child in question as our dresses come from all over the world and are differently sized.

To get the correct size:

  1. Measure the child's height
  2. Measure the child's chest under the armpits
  3. Add half a cm to the child's height for each complete month until the event
  4. Consult the size chart at the foot of the page displaying the dress you are interested in and select accordingly. Select by height alone in the first instance and then move up to accommodate a wider chest measurement if necessary.
  5. Do not go down more than one size based on chest otherwise the waist will not sit in the correct place.
  6. Do not go up more than 2 sizes to accommodate a wider chest measurement as the body fit will not be right; instead look for a plus sized dress.

To fit the broadest possible number of children the dresses are made to average sizing specifications. As a result, the dresses are not going to fit children at the extreme ends of the weight spectrum but do fit the vast majority. If your flower girls are unusually slim you may be able to have the dresses taken in but if they are unusually broad then the made to measure route will be a better option. You might think that you will just go up or down a size or more but we advise you not to go up or down more than one size to counteract the child's width otherwise the dress will sit wrongly on the shoulders, at the waist and also be the wrong length.

Please be aware that the size they need can vary enormously from the child's usual clothes size. If Mum says to you that the child wears size 4-5 years, do not use that but ask for the child's exact height. If mum doesn't have a long tape measure then she can mark the height with a pencil on the wall and use a ruler; alternatively NEXT, GAP and H&M have measuring charts inside their shops which the children can be stood next to.

Please do ask...

Finally, we are very familiar with our dresses so if you have any queries at all, please do email us at and we will do our best to help you.